Teething is always special

Teething in babies is an important milestone and why not? After all, it is a cherishable moment not only for parents but also for a child himself. When you as a parent see first teeth erupting in the mouth of your child, you are filled with joy. We at Rejové Clinique which is an emerging dentist clinic for adults and kids in Chandigarh will let you know the various stages of teething in babies and what precautions can new parents take to protect the erupting teeth of their toddlers. Before proceeding, let us elaborate on what teething is? It refers to teeth moving or it can be referred as breaking out of teeth. The first tooth emerges when the child reaches an age group of 5-7 months which is normal too. It is a usual time taken for the teeth to emerge but there can be other cases too like teeth emerge earlier or later than the usual time. The parents usually get an opportunity to see 20 teeth in a child when he reaches 30 months.

The symptoms of teething in babies are evident when they drool more. Children also put fingers constantly become one of the best symptom of teething. Moreover, children become fussy during teething process. They become cranky too in their behavior. The swelling usually takes place on the gums when teething takes place. If you are of opinion that a child will be suffering from diarrhea, high fever or cold, then it is not true as teething has no relationship with diarrhea, high fever etc. The teething toys can be provided to a child. Hard rubber toys also come handy. A finger can be rubbed gently on the gums too. Rejové Clinique can always be contacted if you face some issue and otherwise so that pain relieving medication can be prescribed.There are certain precautions that the parents can take at the time of teething and it is the time to begin proper dental care to a child. Baby’s teeth must be cleaned at least once and the intensity is determined on the basis of his age. It means that if the child is of age less than 12 months, a wet cloth can be rubbed on the teeth but it is not the case if a child is above 12 months as water with toothbrush can be used instead. A proper age to use toothpaste can also be recommended by our panel of dentists for your little one.