Smile all the way

Does smile matter? Yes, smile of course matters vis-à-vis it won’t be wrong to say that a smile matters as it is a bridge between the two individuals. As you all must be aware about the popularity of Rejové Clinique of Delhi; it has come up with an emerging dentist clinic in Chandigarh. Therefore we are here to tell you about the various dynamics of smile.Teeth play an important role in offering a perfect smile. A smile is perfect when it is in synchronization with curvature of mouth, face as well as lip line. It is the shape of teeth and size of teeth that matters. It is our endeavour to have smile design Orthodontics those work brilliantly for the repositioning of teeth. It not only improves the appearance of teeth but also enhances chewing ability besides inculcating a better speech.

Orthodontic treatment is generally beneficial in case wire and elastic are deployed to teeth so that the teeth can move correctly.In general, the deformity in teeth and jaw is rectified by Orthodontic treatment. We deal in challenging cases where a patient suffers from issues like bad bite, mismatch of dental midline, spacing, crowding and many more. The jaw growth can be monitored by us in a better way. If you are of habit of thumb sucking, then time has come to stop this habit as it damages growth of teeth and jaw. We are the specialists in guiding you about the structure of teeth. The best part is that teeth can be restructured in such a way that it is hard to make any difference between the natural and repositioned teeth. There are certain factors which make smile designing effective. If you are the person who want to look younger, then longer central incisors are just perfect for you whereas if you are keen to look intelligent and mature; a sophisticated smile is suitable for you. A facial shape also makes a great difference and you can always consult us at Rejové Clinique, Chandigarh that which smile suits your face the best. It is interesting to note that teeth alone does not make difference in making smiles effective but the gums also play a vital role.

A smile design procedure is generally required by those people whose teeth are not in correct alignment. In such a scenario, minor movement of teeth is required to align the teeth properly. Usually, it is gross shifting that takes more time compared to minor shifting which usually spans few months. In extreme cases where it is impossible to deploy wires, grinding of teeth take place. It is our experienced panel of Orthodontics that usually takes up the task of shifting of teeth while Periodontists are usually referred when the gums are to be treated. A person with more severe gum disease is generally referred to Periodontist who is capable to diagnose periodontal disease better.Thus, a brief synopsis related to smile dynamics is illustrated above which helps to acquaint you with how smile design can drastically improve your looks.