Reduced Mouth Opening creates havoc

Have you heard about reduced mouth opening? Is it a new concept to you or you have no idea about it? Do not worry because we at Rejové Clinique which undertakes dental treatment in Chandigarh assist you in knowing reduced mouth opening better.If you think reduced mouth opening is not a common phenomena people face then think again as there are many individuals like you who face similar reduced mouth opening. Although it is generally faced by the patients once in their life span but the practitioners at Rejové Clinique come across similar fate quite frequently. There are various reasons for such a scenario and it can become complex too. If you are at Rejové Clinique, Chandigarh for such a treatment then a thorough investigation of the same is carried out and one can be assured of proper diagnosis.

Technically it is referred as Trismus. To your surprise, normal mouth opening spans between 30-50 mm. but in case of Tismus, it can exceed till 20 mm. There are several consequences that a patient suffers due to Tismus, and they can be poor nutrition due to improper chewing. A patient is unable to speak too. The oral hygiene is also badly hampered. A person who had already undergone radiation in head or neck will have a tough time ahead because
it becomes difficult for him to swallow. The inflammation is the most frequent attribute which leads to reduced mouth opening. Basically third molars are adversely affected that leads to the damage and it generally occurs when these
are treated surgically. One bears the difficulty which lasts for almost two weeks. Another reason for it is the development of pus surrounding tonsils which adversely affects the throat as it tends to become sore. Another factor
that leads to Tismus is sub mucous fibrosis. It can also occur in case of certain joint problems or when a patient undergoes some stimulants. In extreme cases of tetanus and malaria, the disease is evident too.

The underlying condition is treated at Rejové Clinique with utmost care as TMJ dental treatments are deployed. A patient is also required to undergo physical therapy for a treatment. There is a range of motion devices that are used for the better treatment. The muscle relaxants as well as muscle compresses that can be used too. The simple precautions that person can undertake is one should keep himself away from tobacco, alcohol and cigarette.
The teeth will be thankful to you if quit tobacco, alcohol and cigarette and once you quit these habits, the dental hygiene becomes even more important. In such a scenario, where person has already quit smoking and alcohol or is trying hard to quit it, the importance of healthy teeth rises to a great extent. The only way to keep your teeth healthy now onwards is to brush and floss at regular intervals because enough damage has been already done when you used to rely heavily on alcohol and used to smoke extensively. Thus, the downfall of the teeth can be best avoided by brushing and flossing. It is equally important to take care of gums and one should not be hesitant if his gums become swollen or bleeding starts taking place. It is important because we can anticipate cavities and more serious problems likely to be caused in future in the mouth, teeth and gums. Do not try to ignore the initial warning signs as these signs can lead to more serious concerns. There are so many big concerns which can arise in the mouth due to which you can’t afford to ignore them. It is always better to act well in time than to feel sorry later.Thus, keep your fingers crossed and stay safeguarded against Tismus.