Orthodontic treatment in your locality

Do you agree that the alignment of teeth matter? Is the positioning of your tooth making you lose your shine in the public? If you are gutted because of the problems stated above and feel embarrassment quite often then Rejové Clinique has a team of orthodontists in Green Park, Delhi which can prove beneficial for you as it not only positions the teeth properly but also helps to rectify crooked teeth and jaw. Unlike normal jaw and
teeth, it is difficult to clean the wrongly positioned teeth on your own. It is because of this, the possibility of wrongly positioned tooth falls quickly. The tooth decay as well as the possibility of Periodontal diseases can’t be ruled out too. On a serious note, if you ignore it, it might lead to create issue during chewing. A possibility of headache, shoulder pain or neck pain can’t be ruled out too. Once, Rejové Clinique performs orthodontic treatment, healthy mouth can be attained. One can get an assurance of a pleasing appearance too. Orthodontic treatment at Rejové Clinique can help to fix the irregularity of face too. Rejové Clinique helps to limit the scope of issues like crooked teeth, improper bite, speech problems or eating problems.

The braces are deployed by Rejové Clinique which uses wires and through which teeth are aligned. The result of the braces can be achieved within few months. There are patients who require the treatment for jaw positioning and Rejové Clinique is a specialist clinic to deal with such cases as jaw repositioning appliances are recommended. By doing this, a patient can attain a favourable position of jaw. Sometimes, there is a need for a patient to go for widening of palatal area which can be done by executing surgery where upper jaw’s arch can be widened. Fixed space maintainers are also used, but they are used more in case of a baby and as the name suggests it can keep the open space but do not be scared as it is done for a limited time. i.e. till the eruption of permanent tooth. There are cases when there is a need to deploy other sophisticated measures which are available at Rejové Clinique. There are people who are the victims of tongue thrusting while some can’t just live without thumb sucking.In such a scenario, special fixed appliances are perfect for the patients as the bands are used around the teeth along with the fixed appliances but going for this treatment is the last resort as this creates issue during chewing. There are times when there is a need to keep the teeth away from lips and cheeks and a special device is used by Rejové Clinique in this regard.