Milk Teeth governs the foundation for permanent teeth

Rejové Clinique, dentist clinic in Green Park will make you aware milk teeth are important for children. Why milk teeth act as a foundation for permanent teeth? Before we proceed further, let us present you that cavities in teeth are more prevalent compared to any other disease especially in kids. It is pretty shocking that dental cavities or dental infection is dangerous and can harm in a big way. A common misconception about milk teeth is that they will fall so it is not necessary to take the care of milk teeth but it is certainly a misconception as the reality is different as it would not have existed if they are not important.Let’s figure it out why milk teeth is important? First importance that comes to our mind is that it inculcates a habit of chewing in the child. It helps in proper digestion too. Another aspect that is dependent on milk teeth is that the speech is possible due to it. The production as well as learning of sounds is also possible through it. It is impossible to speak letters like V, T, L in the absence of proper teeth. You can try it, if you do not agree and get to know the difference.

Since it acts as foundation, it ensures proper spacing for permanent teeth to follow besides ensuring proper positioning of it. On the contrary, it leads to Maloccusion which needs rectification at a later stage. The possibility of decay as well as infection can’t be eliminated if the milk teeth are taken for granted. Moreover, if infection in the milk teeth are neglected, it leads to serious disaster as formation of permanent teeth is badly affected due to it. It is the head as well as neck that can be affected due to the infection in the milk teeth.Not only this, it provides foundation to facial muscles as well as jaw bones which is important for integrated and normal development of a child. Aesthetically, it gives child an attractive appearance. Self esteem is very important in today’s competitive world and milk teeth enhance self-esteem of a child to a phenomenal extent. Thus, milk teeth can’t be neglected on the pretext that they will fall and permanent teeth will take charge.