Maxillofacial surgery comes to rescue

Worried about your facial structure? Does misaligned jaw make you embarrass in public? Do these questions impact your living and do you hesitate to go in public because of it? This not only makes you uncomfortable but affects health in totality as well. Time has come for you to celebrate as you can also lead a normal life as we at Rejové Clinique explain how Maxillofacial surgery helps you to overcome the problem. As per the preferences of the patient, Maxillofacial surgery is carried out at Rejové Clinique where jawbones are repositioned. The intensity of misalignment makes it necessary to carry out the changes like removing, adding, reshaping of the bones. To avoid visual scarring, surgery is executed inside the mouth although exceptions always exist. Once, this surgery is performed, it leads to better facial appearance besides speaking. It makes activities like chewing and swallow food easy and these won’t be difficult as they used to be; prior to the surgery.

Since this surgery makes direct impact on the speech, it is particularly helpful for the children as it rectifies speaking and pronunciation of the words.
As already mentioned, misaligned jaw impacts overall health, one can come across headaches but after getting treatment in form of Maxillofacial surgery, the chances of headache reduces to phenomenal extent. Subsequently, one is required to take less medication because of the surgery.Once Maxillofacial surgery is executed properly at Rejové Clinique, patient can keep sleeping disorders at bay and when sleeping disorders are not hampering your life then you will be able to lead a healthy lifestyle. It also gets you rid of pain in jaw besides making you comfortable.Thus, Maxillofacial surgery has multiple benefits for person suffering from misaligned jaw and can lead a normal life, once this surgery is executed at Rejové Clinique.