BW Wellbeing World, Rejove Unveils Its State-Of-The-Art Skin, Hair And Dental Aesthetic Clinique Equipped With Latest Global Technologies

Dr. Priyanka Goyat, Orthodontist and Dentofacial Orthopaedic Surgeon/ Cosmetologist is the founder of Rejove Clinique.

According to Dr. Goyat, since its inception in 2017, Rejove has had more than ten thousand satisfied clients. In a short interview with BW Wellbeing World, Dr. Priyanka Goyat spoke about the challenges due to the pandemic and much more about the brand.

How have the last 1 year, 10 months been for you personally and professionally?

It has been challenging for everyone and I am no different. I had my own ups and downs where a majority patient base was international, where I had a lot of patients traveling to me for extensive advanced prosthetic rehabilitation which actually did take a hit and after which I was thinking of opening doors to the local patients, and how I could cater to their needs because the entire wellbeing sector has changed in the form of accessibility and technology incorporated along with these healthcare services.

How does dental care and skin care affect our immune system?

I think there is a direct coordination where it is directly proportional, as our oral cavity has many microbes anaerobic, aerobic microbes which are present on the tooth surfaces and if we don’t take care these deposits keep increasing. They get mineralized and they become harder structures which results in early loss of tooth. Sometimes there have been studies that the early loss of tooth is related to heart issues.