It’s now or never

Confused about what tooth decay is? Do not know what to do now to avoid tooth decay? If the questions like these surround you then we at Rejové Clinique, which offers dental treatment in Green Park lists down the steps that helps to avoid tooth decay.

A precautionary measure is to use fluoridated toothpaste with a frequency of two times in a day. Fluorine is very important to prevent tooth decay. When it mixes with tooth enamel, Fluorapatite is the result and it helps in resistance to attack of acid. It is Fluoride that helps in remineralization of enamel. Flossing is a process that helps to remove food particles. Actually whenever we eat any food, food particles are stuck and the best way to remove the food stuck between the teeth is through flossing apart from brushing. The intake of fruits as well as vegetables helps in bringing fibre in the diet. Another precautionary measure that one can adopt is to rinse the mouth especially when any snack is consumed or anything is eaten. The sugar free chewing gum also works well as it helps to avoid the growth of bacteria in the mouth. Since it helps in salivary secretion, it helps in getting rid of food particles too. The intake of 8-10 glasses of water not only helps in keeping food particles at bay but also helps in improving digestion. The best way to get rid of cavities is by having a visit at least half-yearly to Rejové Clinique as there are cavities which are noticed only by the dentists at Rejové Clinique.

Thus, a precaution is always better than cure and it applies here as well because it is recommended to take precautionary measures to avoid tooth decay.