Get rid of Malocclusion

Are you suffering from Malocclusion? Are you confronted with the problem of misalignment of teeth? Do not panic as Rejove Clinique which is a leading clinic for jaw treatment near Green Park help you in providing a solution to you. A solution is such that a problem of Malocclusion will be fixed and ensure sustainability for the teeth. The qualified orthodontist in Green Park, Delhi at Rejové Clinique comes to your rescue as it has multiple methods as well as procedures which helps to fix an issue of Malocclusion and other dental infection. The reasons for Malocclusion can be multiple. It might be generic too. The possibility of birth flaw like cleft palate is also a reason for Malocclusion to happen. The other symptoms which gives rise to Malocclusion are thumb sucking during childhood, distorted shaped teeth, placement of dental implants in unorganized manner and tumor, injury (jaw or mouth), additional or missing tooth can also prove to be major symptoms too.

At Rejové Clinique, it is not necessary that you are commanded treatment as the orthodontists will first examine the teeth and jaw of the patient. It is also assessed that whether a patient suffers from oral cavity or not? The practitioners recommend treatment which depends on the condition of the patient. As a part of diagnosis, it might come to you as a surprise if your cheek is put outwards and is bitten. Actually, it is done to know the intensity of the misaligned teeth.The dental X-rays and head X-rays are also carried out to assess severity of misalignment. To your respite, if the situation is not critical, the treatment is not recommended but the case of moderate intensity or severe intensity is different and taken care with great precision. In these cases, an early treatment is recommended. This helps to keep issue of tooth decay at bay. Moreover, the possibility of periodontal diseases also diminish if you go for an early treatment. These days braces or other similar appliances are deployed to fix the issues related to misalignment of tooth. The critical cases of overcrowding of teeth also comes at Rejové Clinique where the patients are recommended the removal of extra teeth. The rectification of mishappen edges and rough edges is possible too.