Enjoy summer to the fullest

As the best skin specialist in Delhi, Rejové Clinique wants all the citizens safe. Summers have set in and so are the problems associated with it. It is difficult to avoid problems associated with summers but certain measures can be taken that certainly reduce the intensity of the diseases caused due to this season. A common problem that one comes across is Acne which happens when skin pores are blocked by oil of the body. The face gets grease easily in summers which have to be removed and removing can easily be done by washing it 3-4 times a day. A mixture of lemon juice and honey can be applied on face to have a vivacious effect on the skin.

You must be aware of Yeast that develops on the skin and with summers in place, they grow multiple times on the skin leading to patches at various places on the body. People complain of bug bites in summers as mosquitoes and other insects particularly become active in this season. It is always recommended avoiding bushy areas as mosquitoes are quite active there. If for any reason, it can’t be avoided, do not let any part of your body fall prey to mosquitoes and cover your body with a cloth. The insect replants available in the market come handy if a person is required to enter places with proximity to wood. Despite following the precautions, mentioned above, if you still develop rashes, apply ice on it and you will get instant relief. If you are becoming a victim of sun tan and of opinion that nothing can be done about as it is natural then you are not 100% right as the market is flooded with various option of sunscreen. They do not eliminate harmful sun rays but protects your skin against the harmful rays. Intake of Vitamin C also keeps sun tan away while simple steps like wearing sunglasses or taking hat or even an umbrella also prevents your skin. In extreme cases of dehydration, one can always contact Rejové Clinique to get the best treatment.

The injuries like cut and scrapes are always possible in various ages but do not be scared as applying cold water on it will do the trick. Sometimes fungi develop on the skin which is easily visible in forms of peeling of skin, flaking, blisters etc and anti fungal creams available in the market can get you relief.Thus, you can enjoy summer season as well if you take adequate precautions.