Dental Implants makes life easy

Difficult time lies ahead for a person who had lost teeth. The reasons can be many like missing teeth or decay. A problem can be critical when a person gets bolted due to injury but the solution is to go for dental implants. A dental implant is nothing but a frame or you can call it a metal post and mechanism of deploying dental implant is so robust that it can be placed below the gums. It helps in supporting removable replacement tooth. People generally do not want to look gap-toothed. Rejové Clinique as you all must be aware that it is a leading tooth implant Green Park helps in perfoming tooth implant procedure. One need not care about the tooth which has no imperfection as it can be executed without causing any loss to the tooth with no imperfection. It works only where it is required and the interesting part is that it look natural. Over a period, it becomes compatible with the bones of the mouth. Basically, it provides stable foundation to the replacement tooth as it helps in getting the perfect smile. At Rejove Clinique, dental implants are customized for the patients.

If you are the one who want to know what is the difference between dentures and dental implants? The basic difference between the two is that dental implants provide strong foundation but dentures do not provide any foundation. A dental health is badly affected due to gap-toothed smile. Sometimes it takes the form of crooked tooth and it is mainly attributable to the fact that adjacent tooth helps to cope up with the gap. The adjacent teeth will shorten if bridges are not deployed in most cases with the dental implant. Rejové Clinique makes sure not to affect adjacent teeth during the procedure and also helps in maintaining dental health too.

On one hand, it improves the appearance of the tooth and makes the teeth to do its function in optimal manner. There are many types of dental implants like single tooth, multiple tooth and the case where all the teeth are required. The frequency to visit the clinic varies on case to case basis as it can be completed in a single visit while the cases which are complex usually take two weeks. Sometimes patients have to come several times if the situation is critical. During the procedure of dental implant, the priority of the practitioners at Rejové Clinique is to adhere to hygiene standards due to which sophisticated equipment is used. For the added protection of the patient, the instruments are sterilized too and the whole procedure takes place after giving local anaesthesia.Thus, dental implant is safe as it provides foundation to the adjacent teeth and one can go for it, if he is need of it without any worry.