Cure teeth sensitivity with Rejove Clinique

Rejové Clinique which has earned its fame in Green Park, Delhi has now come up with its dental clinic in Munirka and offers similar services which it used to offer in Green Park. Rejové Clinique now wants to extend its services to the residents of Munirka and surrounding areas. As Rejové Clinique is on expanding spree, it wants to cater to the requirements of residents of Munirka besides residents of surrounding areas of Green Park and Chandigarh. Rejové Clinique is here to suggest the people what sensitive teeth are all about?

Before proceeding, Rejové Clinique will try to simplify that teeth sensitivity is the ability of the teeth to get the exposure of extreme temperature without any resistance. You may come across a fact that teeth sensitivity not only affects the teeth but the quality of life too. Eating ice cream or having hot coffee can be a challenging task for the people with teeth sensitivity. In worst scenario, agonizing pain can also be felt. Rejove Clinique strongly recommends the patient to never hesitate to contact Rejové Clinique at the earliest in such a situation. There are several factors of teeth sensitivity but the primary reason of teeth sensitivity is that when gum and enamel recedes especially when dentin overcomes nerves. As rightly said, this is the primary reason for teeth sensitivity but there are other factors like worn dental fillings enamel and worn dental enamel. Broken or cracked teeth and tooth decay are also the reasons for teeth sensitivity. The use of home teeth whitening products also adds to misery of teeth sensitivity. Also, the gum disease plays a key role in making the teeth sensitivity severe. You might be surprised to hear that when tooth brushing is done excessively, it might lead to teeth sensitivity too. Teeth grinding is also a probable reason for it. The long-term use of mouthwash can also lead to teeth sensitivity. When the teeth are not cleaned properly, it leads to plaque building. In such a scenario, the possibility of teeth sensitivity can’t be ruled out. If a person neglects cracked teeth, it becomes penetration area for bacteria which inflammation in the pulp and it might also contribute to the sensitivity of the teeth. Sore gum tissue also adds to woes, and a person ends up with teeth sensitivity.

Rejové Clinique diagnoses the underlying cause for the same and recommends solution on the basis of it as sometimes desensitizing toothpastes will do the trick and the patient will get the relief. This treatment is effective because it makes teeth less sensitive as it has adequate fluoride content. Besides, it also avoids the possibility of tooth decay. The root cause through which sensitivity is triggered can also be controlled through advanced treatment of crown, filling or even bonding. In severe cases, root canal treatment is also suggested which has the potential to eliminate the problem. Rejové Clinique wants to conclude by saying that do not be scared with teeth sensitivity as it can be cured.