Children love and parents refrain

The candies as well as chocolates are generally loved by children. They are not passionate about brushing their teeth twice a day too. These are some reasons that makes their tooth vulnerable to dental problems more. We at Rejové Clinique which is the best cosmetic dentist in Green Park. A bottle or sippy cup containing juice, milk should be avoided to the maximum possible extent. It comprises sugar and brings maximum damage to the tooth. It is the sugar on which bacteria feed and it is the one way through which tooth starts decay. The children are recommended to drink lot of water to avoid such a situation.

Another attribute which is popular among children in thumb sucking and proves to be a nightmare for the parents. The growth of teeth is badly affected due to thumb sucking especially if it streched beyond 5 years when children develop habit of sucking their thumb or finger. The problem that rises due to it can sometimes take form where the alignment of the teeth is distorted and distortion of alignment of jaws is also commonly found in such a scenario. Moreover, improper development of speech can also increase the problems of the parents as well as child.

It is the decay or injury due to which many children lose their teeth. If milk teeth fall before the appearance of permanent teeth then not only the alignment of teeth get affected but the possibility of other dental problems ca’t be rule out.
Thus, what children love is not necessary a good habit and should immediately be stopped by the parents else the parents and child has to suffer long-term consequences.