Wisdom Tooth Removal

Wisdom tooth removal is a surgical method that involves removing one or more wisdom teeth (permanent adult teeth at the back corners of the mouth).


Regain your smile with dental implant

When it comes to tooth replacement, dental implants are catching up fast.The reasons behind the popularity is


Have you selected your dentist wisely?

Are you the one who has to select a dentist for you and your family but unable to decide since there are many dentists available.


Gum Bleeding is alarming

On a fine day, you suddenly notice your gums are bleeding. It does not really matter that you found yourself in such a state during brushing


Dental Implants makes life easy

Difficult time lies ahead for a person who had lost teeth. The reasons can be many like missing teeth or decay.


Orthodontic treatment in your locality

Do you agree that the alignment of teeth matter? Is the positioning of your tooth making you lose your shine in the public?


Brace yourself with braces

Are you of an opinion that your smile needs makeover? Do you think your smile is not appropriate and aspire to get a better smile.


Dental Problems are life changing

As a leading oral surgeon in Delhi, Rejové Clinique is here to tell about the dental problems that people come across


Get rid of Malocclusion

Are you suffering from Malocclusion? Are you confronted with the problem of misalignment of teeth?


Milk Teeth governs the foundation for permanent teeth

Rejové Clinique, dentist clinic in Green Park will make you aware milk teeth are important for children.