Blow the myths of dental practices for would be moms

Are you going to be a mom in couple of days? We at Rejové Clinique which is a proper tooth implant clinic in Green Park Delhi wish to congratulate you in advance since, you will be blessed with a baby in a couple of days but with a blessing, the responsibility also increases. We do not want to create panic. Therefore, we want the baby and mom to be safe especially related to dental health.

To start, if you are skeptical in visiting a dentist during pregnancy then think again. A common misconception prevails that the dental treatment has an adverse effect over child’s health but as already stated, it is a misconception and has no factual base. One can get a healthy baby only if she practices good oral hygiene. You will be surprised to read that a premature baby can be avoided successfully by practicing good oral health. A child will have good oral health if you set him an example even before his birth. It means imbibing practices like using fluoride toothpaste at least twice a day yourself.Keeping your gums healthy is a good practice especially for the future moms and for this, flossing daily yields best results. A feeling of nausea or vomiting can be felt any time during pregnancy. In such a scenario, you can just rinse your mouth preferably with a teaspoon baking soda in water followed by brushing after an hour. The activity of rinsing mouth helps to avoid dental erosion.

A healthy diet is inevitable during pregnancy too because baby’s health is directly impacted with what you consume. It is advisable to go for healthy foods like nuts. One can rely heavily on vegetables apart from
fruits. Getting your hands on cheese sticks is also a healthy option. One can snack on high calcium food instead of sugar loaded food. A professional oral care is absolutely safe during pregnancy and one can go fearlessly for the most dental treatment. Postponing the treatment till the child’s birth will not do any good so act promptly. It is actually true that bacteria from the mouth of the mother transfers to a child’s mouth so it is better to get rid of the bacteria as soon as possible.Thus, enjoy the period of motherhood by practicing proper dental practices.