Be responsible to you and your family atleast

Are you addicted to smoking or chewing tobacco for more than 25 years or have been hooked to chewing tobacco or smoking recently then this one is for you. The addiction of tobacco or smoking can make you cool or you might be relived off stress but it presents complexities in a life. The overall health is badly affected and will damage your teeth too. Rejové Clinique which is the best dental Clinique in Green Park, Delhi want to spread a message that today’s pleasure will be tomorrow’s biggest regret. An instant stress buster can make you repent later. As rightly said, consuming tobacco in any form leads to deterioration of your overall health and harmful effects are clearly visible on teeth. We at Rejové Clinique will list down the consequences of the addiction on teeth.

The first consequence in our list is gum disease which happens in any age and not necessarily at later stages. The initial symptom of gum disease is visible when tartar starts collecting on teeth. Soon this problem widens and takes the form of plaque which makes tooth weak. As a result, a person starts having signs of Periodontal disease. Sometimes situation worsens to an extent of excessive swelling in gums. Simultaneously blood flow in gums is also affected. The second consequence in our list is teeth’s discoloration. It not only affects colour of the teeth but also adversely hampers oral hygiene. When you consume tobacco, the colour of teeth starts becoming Yellow. As the intake of tobacco increases, the color of teeth starts becoming dark brown. The color starts changing when you consume more tobacco and leads to disaster in the end as it is not only restricted to changing colour of teeth. It hampers your teeth badly.

The third consequence is bad breadth from the mouth. This is prevalent more in case of males. This happens the moment you smoke or consume tobacco. The moment your intake of tobacco rises, several particles deposit on teeth and it is disheartening from the perspective of a person consuming tobacco is that it is realized very late when the condition starts worsening. Last but not the least that a person who is addicted to tobacco frequently can come across Oral Cancer very easily which is like a curse to human being.
Thus, if you are concerned about you and your family, it is always good to quit smoking and stop consuming tobacco before it is too late.